About 7% of adults in America suffer from some type of mental illness. One of the most common ones is depression. This illness isn’t only painful for those who have it but also for their friends and family.  

    There are many symptoms of this illness (e.g., losing pleasure or interest in activities that were once enjoyable; feelings of guilt, hopelessness, or worthlessness). Not everyone who suffers from depression will have every symptom. For instance, some people don’t experience sadness. Some people frequently experience several symptoms or only experience symptoms if they’re triggered (e.g., sadness, anxiety, suicidal ideations). It’s also important to understand that there aren’t only mental symptoms of this illness but physical ones (e.g., insomnia, narcolepsy) as well. Whether you’ll experience them will depend on the stage of your illness. 

    Additionally, many factors play a role in this illness (e.g., physical differences in the brain, genetics, traumatic life events). It can also accompany other illnesses (e.g., ALS, cancer, heart diseases, diabetes) or even make them worse. 

    Unfortunately, many people with this illness don’t seek professional treatment because they’ve been told that it isn’t a real illness. This isn’t true, though. In fact, most people need treatment so that they can feel better. Those who do receive depression treatment in Clearwater will show vast improvement, especially if it’s detected early on. With early detection, you’re also less likely to suffer from any serious reoccurrences.  

    Anyone who lives in Clearwater, FL, has an ally on their side when it comes to conquering this illness. This is because, at Mental Health Treatment Tampa Bay., we understand what you’re going through and appreciate your desire to feel better. We welcome the opportunity to help you climb out of your darkness and back into the light, so give us a call today.